Obama Asking Congress For $4 Billion For Illegal Immigrant Crisis HE CAUSED
Seriously though

These sponsored Axe posts need to go. Who puts this shit up… 


Brett Barley. Hatteras, OBX.via gopro
(via poker)
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someone offered me a Giant Moehog Plushie  for my baby pb, claiming the item is worth 4mil

can someone confirm if this is true and if the plushie is HTS or not, asap thanks 

I’m about 88% sure that used to be a buyable item.




Oh shit

so fucking down


Wow, whos my partner? lol



lol goodbye neo

what happened, Awk? D: we’re all worried about you!


Talking to somebody who voted for a candidate based off ONE issue is like talking to a brick wall.  Damn, I’m scared for the future.

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