The patched the Dupe so no need to worry now!

*double tagging to raise awareness!

You sure you know what youre talking about? Because I don’t think you do ;D

You do realize that by posting how to do that particular item dup glitch you basically helped destroy the Neo economy. If you are so against cheating why the hell would you post how to exploit a glitch that destroyed neopets economy. Not everyone who follows you is a legit player. Even Clraik mods had more common sense than you. They were deleting those boards about the glitch to be greedy they were doing it to keep people from ruining the economy by duping items and neopoints.

from madroxpgirl


It wasn’t working when I posted it, the lag was gone

That’s not even close to true.
It’s never not worked in the past… over a week now. How would you even know? Did you try it? You dirty cheater. ;p

Buying 7th birthday cake slice #1

Um, I can pay you in USD, or NPs, or find some NC to trade. Message me if you have any? :)

If the site comes back up and items are still able to be duped, it’s gonna be such a let down.

(New CK Anon) That's the thing -- we don't know what the glitch is and we're not allowed to use it, because the mods who sell items (namely Drizzy) don't want to lose money. They're greedy and selfish, and sit in their own little bubble above clraik. I have positive things to say about Joe and Andrew, but certainly not Ryan. It wouldn't surprise me if it was his choice to delete any/all boards related to ~other~ people getting nice items for free.

from Anonymous


Ouch, not nice clraik! Lol! 

I actually didn’t know much about that site before this blog. I’d known more about ne****ex, but clraik doesn’t have a good reputation for sure

You’re allowed to use the glitch if you’d like. :p I actually deleted the thread last night. The reason being, we don’t want to bring anymore attention to it than we need to. Things like this are best kept under wraps and discussed in private. It’s just like how people kept talking about petpetpark/monkeyquest and all the things we used to be able to exploit from those sites. But then people kept posting about it everywhere and things got patched up. The glitch isn’t all that difficult to duplicate, and it was even talked about onsite before. So nobody is trying to stop you from using it, or keeping you from getting nice items for free. In fact, you need to have those nice items first in order to duplicate them, it’s not a gen.

So the purpose of deleing the board wasn’t to keep anybody down, but to keep things from getting put on blast and having it get out to the public on neo. Could you imagine if everybody on neopets.com figured out how to do it? The site would end LOL

› Some thoughts on cheating


Let’s start off simple: I bet you had alcohol before you were the legal drinking age. Now, this was okay if you didn’t get caught and you weren’t hurting anyone, but it was against the rules, wasn’t it?

Well, let’s say someone buys a UC pet. They don’t trade it, they just keep it and quietly…

Andrew - don't you remember trying to teach the PC a lesson several months ago? When you converted your own unconverted plushie kyrii and was about to convert daezibu, but you realised how stupid that would be?

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There wasn’t really any lesson at all from converting that kyrii, that was just me being bored and screwing around a bit. But no, I don’t remember anything about “daezibu”. If I converted the kyrii, why would I care about an UC royal pet? Lol. As if I don’t have a dozen more…
Where did I supposedly say this at, anon?

Whose word are you taking exactly? You never even asked her if it was true? You guys are not loyal to your members at all.

from Anonymous

Another staff member, whom I trust. I saw chat logs and such, which are pretty cut and dry. You sound like you don’t know what you do know, so shhh. We are loyal to our members, until they do something like this. Then trust is lost, so to speak. Thanks though, anon.

May I ask what Simmie did then? She always seemed.. Decent? I guess?

from Anonymous

If you’d like to know, feel free to ask me. Not going to post it up for an anon. 

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