tsuwabuki replied to your photo “So my grandfather wanted me to help him clean out one of his safety…”

wow really goddammit

That’s only 2/10 envelopes too…. @_@
I asked him why the hell he would keep that much cash sitting around. He just smiled and said, “You never know, you just never know”.

Not sure. haha

So my grandfather wanted me to help him clean out one of his safety deposit boxes today.. lol

Regarding the blacklist thing: I don’t think you should fight fire with fire. The people who started the whole thing are not normal to begin with. I can’t imagine ANY of my friends in real life who would resort to making a hate site dedicated to members on a site like Neopets.com. Can you? No similar even exists for Leagues of Legends or Maplestory, I bet.

I really think these people are not normal. They take neopets too seriously, and I’m guessing they’re middle schoolers or high schoolers. You know, that awkward stage of life where people are still afraid to ask out their crushes and worry about their appearances.  These are kids we’re dealing with; you have to find the right approach to punishing preteens. Sure, hack their neo-accounts or whatever you’re planning, but is that really effective? Will that get the point across that what they’re doing is wrong?

I sent in a message to them once. I don’t know if you know, but on the AC a long time ago, someone made a similar page offline. It was called AC Rants. People submitted horrible things about users on the Avatar Chat, some worse than the ones posted here. There were references to autism and use of vulgarity. Then, less than 48 hours, the mod shut down the page. He realized it had gone too far. I told them how they’ve reached the exact same level with their blacklist and that they should stop. But of course, they never did. They don’t realize they’ve hurt people, and that’s the message we should tell them. That it’s not nice. Far from nice.

I trust you to have good judgment, Andrew, but if you’re planning anything drastic, like harassing them or revealing their personal information, I don’t see how that’s any different from what they’re doing. Please remember that by making the blog in the first place, these are not likely people who have great social lives; they’re probably bullied in real life.  I don’t want terrible repercussions to happen, I just want to see them understand there’s more to life than making a blacklist in the first place.


I can definitely see where youre coming from, sometimes fighting fire with fire isn’t always the best approach, but sometimes it can be the most effective. I’m not really sure what I or others have planned right now. Right now I’m in the background, there are other people who are doing much more than I am doing to try and get back at this blog. I can’t control them. I do have a bit of info myself, that was figured out by the work of other people, but not sure what’s going to be done with it yet.

I will say that these are not preteens who are posting this stuff. These are people who are old enough to understand that their actions will have an effect on people. I am not going to accept that they are ignorant to the fact that what they say hurts people. Neopets is one thing, but bringing in personal info and other real life things is a completely different matter entirely. If they truly are sorry or feel any remorse for things they do, they should post an apology or something, but instead they aren’t doing anything at all, presumably hoping it all blows over.

I will be the first to admit that I’m not perfect, and some things I have done were questionable at best, but my motives were pretty clear and I never took anything off neopets. But their blog has been getting more and more out of hand, and it seems they finally pissed off enough people for their to be quite a backlash.

So in the end, I can’t say for sure what’s going to happen. If they continue to post things like they have in the past, I think it will only bring them more attention, the kind of attention they probably don’t want. I guess it’s ultimately up to them how things go.

i don't think you were out of line considering the pcblacklist people are kinda asses

from Anonymous

Thank you! :)
I wasn’t even the one who brought the matter to light. I wouldn’t have even been aware if it wasn’t for somebody catching it and screenshotting it. I obviously don’t know who runs the blog with 100% certainty, so I was giving them a chance to come forward and explain their side.

The least they could do is apologize, but instead they want to pretend it didn’t happen. -shrug-

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So you fight “Cyber Bullying” with Cyber Bullying….

Fight cyber bullying with cyber bullying? We have reported the blog to tumblr multiple times, and brought it to TNT’s attention in a few ways. You don’t see us going around posting info about anybody anywhere. Although, in this case, some people might think that would be acceptable retaliation.
There are always consequences. Seems they didn’t think things through before posting, judging by how quickly they attempted to remove all evidence. Are you aware of what I’m actually talking about btw? Why are you standing up for them? Such confused, much misinformred?

Paging owners of the pcblacklist blog


We do not approve. We are not impressed. Stop being a bunch of bitches and behave. Care to tell your side? Feel free to come forward.

I'm only 1 of 529? How do I become the one?

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Like this?

christinaplaysneopets mentioned you in a post “veryimportantneopian: so how do you birthday crack accounts …”

you birthday crack accounts allthenps might be able to

I can’t bday crack right now, but I can put you in touch with people who can. It would probably cost a lil bit though.

I’m not sure how likely you are to get it from TNT, usually that’s something they require no matter what youre ticket is about. :p

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